2018 and New Trustees!

2018 is looking like it will be an exciting year for Frozen Light. We have four more weeks of R&D on The Isle of Brimsker before it premieres in May. This will be followed by a small Autumn 2018 tour and a much larger Spring 2019 tour.

But before all that we have already got off to an exciting start by welcoming a brand new board of Trustees to Frozen Light. We had our first board meeting a few weeks ago and are really excited about how this dynamic group of individuals will help shape the future and ensure the sustainability of the charity.

We will be adding an official page to the website soon with full biographies of each board member, but I thought I would give you a sneak preview of who everyone is on our blog now.

Heading up the board is the wonderful Les Miller who has stepped in as Chair. Les has worked in just about every role in the arts from actor to venue manager. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience that will help lead the board. Les helped us build the board and has been a wonderful guide for us on this process.

As Company Secretary we have Sarah Bellamy who randomly found us through a google search that was meant to be! Sarah again has a varied past starting with working in theatre (as a magicians assistant!!) and moving through management roles in citizens advice and the construction industry. Sarah will keep us on track with the managerial side of Frozen Light and we are looking forward to working with her.

Company Treasurer has been filled by Nic Carter who we met on a trustee speed dating event (yes these things do exist) hosted by Cause4, we both matched each other and here he is on our board. Nic works in accountancy in international development and is very passionate about spreadsheets!

Sharon Slade has joined us as Audience Advocate. It was really important to us that we had someone on our board who could be the voice of our audience. We wanted this person to always bring the question back to “is this right for people with PMLD” and in Sharon we believe we have found that voice. Sharon is the mum of Lauren who has been an audience member of ours since the beginning. Sharon also works in global events, is a school governor at a special school and tirelessly fundraises for Rett UK. She is running her 5th Marathon for Rett UK this year- you can support her here.

Last but not least we have Heather Rose. Heather is a producer at The Pleasance in London and Edinburgh Festival and is bringing a current voice from the arts world to the table. Heather knows our work well already from when she worked with house, and it’s great to have someone on our board who has seen our creative journey.

The plan now is to work with this new board to continue to grow Frozen Light and build a sustainable future for the charity. We are really excited for the next chapter of our journey to continue.

Lucy x