Our Story

The story of Frozen Light began a long time ago in 2006, in the little town of Canterbury at the University of Kent. Lucy and Amber studied together on the Applied Performance Masters and developed their own form of multi-sensory theatre for an inspiring group of teenagers with Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities (PMLD) at St Nicholas’ School.

Having graduated, the pair went their separate ways moving far far away to opposite sides of the planet. They set up their own companies and continued to create small scale multi-sensory storytelling shows that toured schools all over the world.

After six years, Lucy and Amber found themselves back together with the shared dream of wanting to create high quality sensory theatre for audiences with PMLD in theatre venues and beyond. They received an Arts Council England grant and created their first show TUNNELS together as a collaboration between their two companies. This went on tour and was so successful that they decided to join forces and together formed Frozen Light.

In 2012 Frozen Light was born with the aim of creating high quality age appropriate theatre for audiences with PMLD, whilst working with venues to make theatre and arts buildings accessible for people with PMLD.