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Frozen Light are looking for a Fundraising Consultant!

We are looking for a fundraising consultant to work with Frozen Light to develop a fundraising strategy that will put us in a position to be able to apply for multi-year core funding to support the work of the company in the future.

Frozen Light create multi-sensory touring theatre for audiences with Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities. Over the past 5 years the company has grown to a point where we now have a full-time team of three employees and are looking for someone to help us to build a fundraising strategy to ensure that the company is able to continue growing.

We will be working with a consultant for approximately 10 days over a three-month period to build a strategy and upskill the artistic directors in core fundraising, and are asking for tenders for this project.

We are particularly interested in working with a fundraiser with experience is Esmee Fairbairn and Paul Hamlyn trust applications.

Please send us your CV and a proposal (maximum 1 page) covering:

• Your relevant expertise and experience
• Rough idea of what you would cover over 10 days
• How you would work with the artistic directors to ensure you leave them with the skills they need for future fundraising.
• The fee you would charge including travel
• Your location (we can realistically work in Norwich, Ipswich or London)
• Examples of similar projects
• Any other relevant information

Please send applications to Lucy at by Friday 23rd February at 5pm