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The Civic, Barnsley

We are really excited to visit The Civic.  It is the only venue we are visiting in Yorkshire (the country’s largest county).  It is also one of only two venues we are visiting in the North of the country.  We really wanted to visit more venues in the north but unfortunately couldn’t make this happen.  If you live in the North of England and want to see Frozen Light please call your local theatre and ask them to put us in their programme.  We are so keen to reach people with PMLD across the whole of the UK but are aware that there are areas we are not been able to get to on this tour.

The Civic has a really great programme and we are really excited to have been programmed amongst other such brilliant companies.  

Interesting fact about Barnsley – Barnsley is home to the UK’s first ever bottle bank.  As a company who care a lot about the environment we are pleased to visit the town that led the way in glass recycling!

Nearest Changing Places Toilet –
There are actually 3 changing places in Barnsley (brilliant!) The closest one to the Civic is:

Barnsley Town Hall
Church Street
South Yorkshire,
S70 1QX


The Old Fire Station, Oxford

We’re extremely excited about touring to a venue we’ve never performed at before on Thursday 8th October- The Old Fire Station in Oxford.

The Old Fire station has an incredibly strong outreach program, Crisis Skylight, that it runs with the charity Crisis. Together they hope to end homelessness in Oxford. Through the program they offer training and volunteering opportunities to Skylight members, the chance to create work with professional artists and also enable Crisis members to see shows and exhibitions at the arts centre.  We think that this work is brilliant and also crucial in supporting so many vulnerable people. We’re thrilled that they have programmed The Forest to reach another very vulnerable group in our society.


Oxford is dubbed the City of Dreaming Spires (see pic below- looks pretty dreamy!) based on the architecture of the University. The dreaming spires are referenced in The Small Faces 60’s song Itchycoo Park.

Nearest Changing Places
The Vine Pub
11 Abingdon Road, Cumnor Village,
Oxford, OX2 9QN

Oxford_Skyline_Panorama_from_St_Mary's_Church_-_Oct_2006See you on tour!

Amber Onat Gregory
Frozen Light

Cornerstone Arts Centre, Didcot

1782106_739039839459873_389981579_nOn Wednesday 7th October we will be taking The Forest to Cornerstone Arts Centre in Didcot where we also toured Tunnels to in 2014 (and received some lovely press). Cornerstone will be the first venue on this tour which has a changing places toilet.  This is hugely exciting for us as most of our audience need access to changing places toilets which are unfortunately very difficult to find. Check out the changing places campaign to find out more.  There’s also some great info on the toilet on the Cornerstone website here.  As an arts centre Cornerstone have an extremely rich and diverse performance program, in an extremely flexible theatre, as well as exhibition spaces, participatory activities and a tasty cafe!

Didcot’s landscape is an easy one to recognise due to it’s power stations (an active natural-gas power plant and a closed combined coal and oil power plant).blobSee you on tour!

Amber Onat Gregory
Frozen Light



Arlington Arts Centre

We’re heading to Arlington Arts Centre on Monday 5th and Tuesday 6th October. It’s another venue that we’ve toured to before.  We received lovely feedback last time we were in Newbury (so great in fact that it’s a quote we include on our website).

“For my pupils with profound and multiple complex needs it was a delight to be able to offer them the opportunity of a trip to the theatre. They were able to experience and participate in a piece of tailor-made, accessible, appropriate high quality theatre. This was a marvellous educational and extremely enjoyable event, not least because we were able to access it within a purpose built theatre providing that extra little bit of magic!” Teacher- Castle School, Arlington Arts Centre, Newbury

Getting feedback like this is invaluable to us.  Firstly it’s amazing for us to hear that we’re reaching our aim of creating high quality theatre in theatre venues, and it’s also great to give feedback like this to venues and funders to ensure the sustainability of our work.

article-2420429-1B984D3B000005DC-817_634x418Interesting fact about Newbury
There were famous protests over the building of the Newbury bypass in the 90’s.  Protesters lived up trees and dug a network of tunnels under the roadwork to try and halt the construction of the road. The famous eco-warrior Swampy is from Newbury.

Closest Changing Places
Northcroft Leisure Centre
Northcroft Lane Newbury, RG14 1RS
Tel: 01635 31199

Kennet Shopping Centre
Market Street Newbury, RG14 5EN
Tel: 01635 40748

See you on tour!

Amber Onat Gregory
Frozen Light


The Seagull Theatre – Lowestoft

Our sixth venue on tour is The Seagull.  The Seagull are truly embedded in their local community and have been very proactive with getting an audience for the show.  I think The Forest has been sold out since before tickets even went on sale!

The Seagull is probably the smallest venue of tour and squeezing The Forest into the space is going to be interesting, but we will make it work! We really wanted to take Tunnels to The Seagull but couldn’t make it fit into their space.  That’s why when we worked with our designer Stephanie Williams, we specified that she had to make a set that was versatile and could be changed to fit into different sized venues.  

The Seagull is a small theatre with big ambitions.  The staff is almost entirely made up of volunteers but they are a dedicated bunch and we’re looking forward to performing there for the very first time!

Interesting fact about Lowestoft – Lowestoft is the most Easterly point of the United Kingdom, as a company based in the East that’s pretty exciting! 

Closest Changing Places Toilet –
Marina Leisure and Fitness Centre
Marine Parade,
Great Yarmouth,
NR30 2ER

See you on tour!

Lucy Garland
Frozen Light

The Quarry Theatre at St Luke’s

On the weekend of 26th and 27th September we’ll be returning to Bedford to perform at The Quarry Theatre at St Luke’s (previously known as Bedford Theatre) where we took Tunnels in 2014. The Saturday family show there was one of the highlights from our Tunnels tour thanks to Bedford and District Cerebral Palsy Society (BDCPS).

BDCPS brought a group of young adults to see Tunnels along with their parents, siblings and grandparents which resulted in the biggest audiences we’d ever had (a total of 24).  Due to the success of this we’re doing more family shows this year at other venues and we’re working really hard to increase the number of weekend shows that we do in the future to reach our aim of creating theatre that audiences with PMLD can access with their friends and family.  Weekend shows can be a real challenge to sell out as it’s so hard to get the word out about our work to people with PMLD and their carers, as people with PMLD are some of the most marginalised in our society. Thanks to groups like BDCPS who provide specialist support for those living with cerebral palsy and their families, theatre venues are able to work with charities to sell out the weekend shows.

We’re also pretty excited about performing at the newly named The Quarry Theatre at St Luke’s- check out the pics of the swanky new venue below:11149536_971257426241431_8295936524472331709_n 10393790_961922617174912_6156619869855617135_nInteresting fact about the theatre- there’s an old organ hidden behind the stage as the venue used to be an old church!

Nearest Changing Places
River Street Multi-Storey Car Park
River Street, Bedford,
MK40 1PX
Tel: 01234 267422

See you on tour!

Amber Onat Gregory
Frozen Light

Colchester Arts Centre

Our fourth venue of the tour is Colchester Arts Centre.  We toured Tunnels to Colchester Arts Centre in 2014 and had a brilliant time with some great interactive audiences.  We are really happy to be working with Colchester Arts Centre as they have such a commitment to access and a dedication to supporting disability arts.

Colchester Arts Centre is a really interesting venue as they have a really eclectic programme with everything from farmers markets, to heavy metal gigs, to early year’s theatre.  We are really excited to be visiting again and hope to see some of the same audiences we met when we visited with Tunnels.

The venue is an old church and the atmosphere of the building added a beautiful quality to Tunnels.  We hope it works its magic on The Forest as well.


Interesting fact about ColchesterBoth Amber and Lucy are vegans and Colchester has an amazing new vegan café called The Den at Twenty Three. You will find us there between shows quickly snacking on vegan burgers and cupcakes.  One of the staff members at Colchester Arts Centre was coincidently the café’s first customer and also the 1000th- spooky!

Closest Changing Places Toilet:
Leisure World Colchester
Cowdray Avenue,
Tel: 01206 282000

See you on tour!

Lucy Garland
Frozen Light

The Garage Norwich

Our third venue of The Forest tour is The Garage in Norwich.  Norwich is the hometown of Frozen Light with three out of four of The Forest touring party living here.  We love Norwich and we hope that Norwich loves The Forest.

We are so excited about The Forest coming to our home town as we are passionate about reaching and engaging with our local community.  We have a really supportive audience base in Norwich, so much so that we have added an extra date for school groups on September 30th.  The Garage was also the first theatre venue that Frozen Light ever performed at, we consider our premiere there (11th February 2013) as our birthday, check out a photo from that show- Tunnels. 1017646_606946206002571_1215659414_n

In Norwich we are working with a small panel of people with PMLD and their families to advise our practice and ensure that the work we are creating is truly accessible and enjoyable for people with PMLD.  Members of our panel will be coming to the Norwich show and we are so excited for them to help us ensure our work is of the highest quality.  We will blog more about our panel in the future.

Interesting fact about Norwich – Norwich is a UNESCO city of Literature and a City of Refuge for persecuted writers from around the world.

Nearest Changing Places
Vauxhall Community Hub
Johnson Place,
Tel: 01603 626014

See you on tour!

Lucy Garland
Frozen Light

The Key Theatre- Peterborough

After a short pause our second date of tour is Key Theatre in Peterborough on September 21st.  We are really looking forward to finally visiting Peterborough.  

We have a great group of supporters based in Peterborough from the Phoenix School. This group, lead by their deputy head, have previously travelled for two hours to come and see a Frozen Light show (to both Norwich and Cambridge)- so we thought it was about time we came to them!  Whenever the Phoenix School are in the audience we know it will be a great show and we are so pleased that we can finally bring our work to their home town.  

I’ve also performed with Hocus Pocus Theatre as “The bearded lady” at the opening week of The Key Theatre. It will be nice to visit the theatre again but this time with a less hairy creation.

1891166_10153839825030364_840890555_nInteresting fact about Peterborough – Peterborough is the largest town/city in the UK without it’s own local radio.  I think it’s time someone started one!

See you on tour!

Lucy Garland
Frozen Light


The Gulbenkian, Canterbury

Tour begins two weeks today!! We are very excited that our first date will be at bOing International Family Festival at The Gulbenkian, Canterbury.

We are excited for a number of reasons….

Firstly the festival looks amazing! We feel honoured to be performing alongside some amazing companies from across the globe.  We are particularly looking forward to Dybwikdans – Toddlernes Rom (Norway).  As many of you know, as a company we tour with three children under 3 so are excited to take them to explore this sensory wonderland. The Frozen Light grandparents coming on tour can’t wait too! 

Secondly, The1923282_527555377664_4196_n Gulbenkian is on the University of Kent campus.  This is the university that myself and Amber attended way back in 2003-2007 to study Drama and Theatre Studies.  This is the place where we both found our passion for multi-sensory theatre and made our first multi-sensory production, Aladdin, for a group of teenagers with PMLD from St Nicholas School in Canterbury.

Interesting fact about Canterbury – Westgate (the only surviving gate from the walled city) was nearly demolished in the 1800’s to allow a travelling circus to march aUnknown parade of elephants through the city! Luckily the mayor at the time held the casting vote and saved the gate from destruction. I used to live on the same road as Westgate when I lived in Canterbury.  We’re looking forward to learning interesting facts about all the different places we’re taking The Forest. 

So, if you’d like to come and see us re-visit our roots back on campus, this time performing The Forest, please come along! We’re there Saturday 29th August 10.45am &2.45pm. Tickets can be booked by calling The Gulbenkian box office on 01227 769075.

See you on tour!

Lucy Garland
Frozen Light