The Old Fire Station, Oxford

We’re extremely excited about touring to a venue we’ve never performed at before on Thursday 8th October- The Old Fire Station in Oxford.

The Old Fire station has an incredibly strong outreach program, Crisis Skylight, that it runs with the charity Crisis. Together they hope to end homelessness in Oxford. Through the program they offer training and volunteering opportunities to Skylight members, the chance to create work with professional artists and also enable Crisis members to see shows and exhibitions at the arts centre.  We think that this work is brilliant and also crucial in supporting so many vulnerable people. We’re thrilled that they have programmed The Forest to reach another very vulnerable group in our society.


Oxford is dubbed the City of Dreaming Spires (see pic below- looks pretty dreamy!) based on the architecture of the University. The dreaming spires are referenced in The Small Faces 60’s song Itchycoo Park.

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Oxford_Skyline_Panorama_from_St_Mary's_Church_-_Oct_2006See you on tour!

Amber Onat Gregory
Frozen Light