Platform- Glasgow

e0ed7f81bc7b4ead96505df78c81e87bWe are super excited to go back to Platform.  When we visited last year with Tunnels we had a great time and were really impressed with how embedded the venue is in its local community.  Platform is based in The Bridge which is a multi-purpose venue in Easterhouse, Glasgow East.  It includes a library, swimming pool, café and theatre.  To us this seems like a great way of getting different and diverse communities through the door.

Platform has a number of inivative projects to use arts to improve the health and wellbeing of its local community.  It also works closely with local artists.  As part of this we will be running an artists workshop to share our practice on creating work for audiences with PMLD.

We also LOVE Glasgow.  It is such a cool city with so many vegan restaurants.  It is heaven for us, so expect us to come home from Glasgow a stone heavier as we plan on eating all the Vegan food.

Nearest Changing Places Toilet:Tollcross International Swimming Centre
360 Wellshott Road,
Tollcross, Glasgow,
G32 7QP
Tel: 0141 2768282

See you on tour!!

Lucy Garland, Frozen Light