Reviews for Frozen Light’s HOME 2016 Autumn Tour/ 2017 Spring Tour:

‘…a great many theatre companies could take lessons in stagecraft and how to engage any audience from this ­necessarily simple tale’ The Scotsman **** (read full review)

‘A haunting, beautiful perceptual delight’ Remote Goat ***** (read full review)

‘Nowadays inclusion and accessible are buzz words, quite rightly our society seeks to enable rather than ‘disable’. If you want a masterclass in how to do this with sheer brilliance, go and watch Frozen Light next time they are nearby - everyone is  welcome.’ TRP Blog (read full review)

‘Home is powerful piece of theatre about loss,separation, fear, loneliness, reconciliation, hope and rebuilding relationships – human life, in fact. And those things matter to people with PMLD as much as they do to anyone else.’ Sardines Magazine (read full review)

‘…warmth shining through with each one-to-one interaction’ The Reviews Hub ***** (read full review)

‘…they show perfectly how theatre can and should push the boundaries and be a place of accessible exploration and inclusion for all.’ Opening Night (read full review)

‘The performance blended all five senses, we didn’t just watch we felt it, we heard it, we could smell it and we could touch it. To Zack that is conversation, that is interaction and that is bringing the world to him. ‘ The boy with five names (read full review)

‘The actors created a safe environment so that any person with PMLD is able to engage with the play on their own accord.’ LondonTheatre1 **** (read full review)

‘Home was a wonderful piece of theatre, and a privilege to be a part of.’ Critically Speaking (read full review)

Reviews for Frozen Light’s The Forest 2016 Edinburgh Festival Fringe debut:

‘Frozen Light have created a piece of theatre that will live long in the memory and the production has raised the bar once again. Any funder who wonders about how to make theatre accessible should be compulsorily sat down to watch this.’ Fringe Review (read full review)

‘Frozen Light tap into theatre’s sensory sphere with care, precision and skill, building both an environment and a narrative with real light and shade.’ Total Theatre Magazine (read full review)

‘I… find myself grinning as droplets of water sprayed above me splash my face, as do those adjacent to me. It is a rediscovery of the small pleasures we so often dismiss as banalities.’ Ed Fringe Review (read full review)

Reviews for Frozen Light’s The Forest 2015 Autumn Tour:

‘The really ingenious thing about this show by Frozen Light is that it speaks to all five senses…It takes a very special sort of talent to work appropriately – thinking all the time on your feet – with a potentially unpredictable audience. These three have it in spades.’ The Stage **** (read full review)

‘The whole team make what is a very sophisticated, caringly crafted mixture of music and other sensory elements seem fresh, artless and above all unthreatening and rather magical.’
The Herald Scotland **** (read full review)

‘….the most beautiful thing about this company is that it isn’t about the actors. It’s about the children, teenagers and adults with PMLD.  This production deserves awards and definitely needs to be experienced.’
LondonTheatre1 ***** (read full review)

‘…this is the ultimate 3D live interactive performance… it remains accessible to all, regardless of background, and shows the real power of theatre to inspire, entertain and change mood.’ The Public Reviews **** (read full review)

‘There is warmth and acceptance in that small room, and from the moment you step inside the Forest, you feel welcomed, and above all, safe.’ Max J Freeman (read full review)

‘The Forest is an exemplary model of accessible theatre’ Ipswich Town and Waterfront (read full review)

‘Not only did I feel like I had a wide range of sensory stimulation, but the combination of how well it integrated to the story, the playfulness, and the welcoming nature of the exchange between performers and all audience members made it a hugely engaging and satisfying experience.’ Playing at Plays (read full review)

Reviews for Frozen Light’s Tunnels 2014 Spring Tour:

‘ …Tunnels demonstrate that the power of theatre to reach, move and entertain is a transformative force and one that this young audience clearly revel in. If success is measured in smiles then Frozen Light have hit upon a winning formula.’- The Public Reviews **** (read full review)

‘NOW and again, a theatrical performance comes along that leaves you so impressed with the quality of the performance, with the delivery, with the stunning use of every sense, so as to leave the audience stunned, surprised and truly inspired.’ – Your Harlow (read full review)

‘Even now I am struggling to talk about it without sounding like a gushing fool. If you have a relative with PMLD, take them to this show.’- Max J Freeman (read full review)

‘Our group included people from age 6 to 87, some with learning disabilities of varying levels, some without. We all enjoyed it equally which says it all for me, totally inclusive and completely enthralling.’ –Mumsnet Suffolk ***** (read full reviews)

Audience Comments:

“For my pupils with profound and multiple complex needs it was a delight to be able to offer them the opportunity of a trip to the theatre. They were able to experience and participate in a piece of tailor-made, accessible, appropriate high quality theatre. This was a marvellous educational and extremely enjoyable event, not least because we were able to access it within a purpose built theatre providing that extra little bit of magic!”  Teacher- Arlington Arts Centre, Newbury

“In our world there is the constant frustration of “where can we go where there is no one staring, where not only Lauren is having a great time but as a parent we can relax and just revel in her enjoyment, where she is the majority not a minority ” well in just under an hour TUNNELS achieved all of this and more!” Parent- New Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich

“Amazing! How lovely to attend a production where young people with PMLD are warmly welcomed, embraced and understood.  A throughly enjoyable performance today in Cambridge, we look forward to your next visit.” Parent- The Junction, Cambridge

“Loved @frozentheatre performance of Tunnels today – intelligent, engaging and rich work for audiences with learning disabilities” Sarah Brigham, Derby Theatre (read all twitter reviews)